Wednesday, December 22, 2004


MEERY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! (I guess it should just be to "you guys", b/c you're the only ones to visit me!) *lol*

To my dearest Hungry/Gramma George/Smeever/Snow Pal #1: We have a rock game tomorrow night, WOOT! I can't wait to see what you got me, considering you **planned** it all out. I will see you tomorrow night; and be expecting you at 6:30, just so I know in my head that you won't get there until 6:45! *giggles* I'll also see you at the George & Schwab Party on the 30th! That's gonna be a blast! (Don't forget your yellow pillow, b/c I'M NOT SHARING MINE! *sticks out tongue!* J/K! And then there's New Years Eve! That's gonna be fun, I don't care if I'm on my own, I'll make fun for myself! *lol* Can't wait to make more memories for Elih!

To my dearest Zahira: I've known you for quite sometime now, and we've become great friends. I wish you, Alex, and both of your families the best over holidays. One of these days Hungry and I will take a picture of ourselves at a game, staring at an empty spot next to us, wishing you were there to enjoy all the fun. (As long as Hungry doesn't mind, of course.) *smiles* Have a great holiday season, hun!


Monday, December 20, 2004


Guess who Hungry saw when she went bell ringing last Saturday, 12-12-04, SPUNKY!!! ...Then, on Friday, 12-17-04, T-George & I sat down in *our seats*, looked at the door, and saw LUNCH! Eventually, I saw Dead Guy's parents, and Coconut Tree's parents walk in, ..7 minutes later.. DEAD GUY!! **screams, has a heart attack 3 times, and then attempts to find out where he sat down** I HEART HIM SO MUCH! *smiles from ear to ear* ... Then, on 12-20-04, @ Westmoreland Mall, after stepping off the up-escalator, I saw Lookey-Likey! *more screams*

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Wow! Sorry it's been so long, but I just haven't had the time. Not much happened until last Wednesday-Thursday. I had been teasing Hungry about not going to M.M. w/ me and going out w/ Kevin instead. JOKING! So, I had been talking to Tiffany(a former friend), and told her the story and that I was JOKING! Apparently, she told her mom about it, and her mom had some *advice* for Hungry and me. **WE DIDN'T ASK FOR ANY!** And, then she said that I said that Hungry was in a bad relationship w/ Kevin, and she needed help. NO! After that, the next day, she wrote us both a note, that seemed like a 1st grader wrote it, and tried to apologize. NO! NOT GONNA WORK! THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE! *^_^* (*That is 4 stories, by the way*-JOKING!, mom, bad relationship, and 1st grade note.) CRAZY STUFF!

Monday, December 06, 2004


HAPPY BE NICE TO GINNY DAY! This is a day to celebrate Ginny, when in her hard times once, she was being COMPLETELY ignored by her family, so I, *YES, I!* came up w/ a brilliant idea to give her a holiday! So as of December 5, 2002, December 6, was officially named Be Nice To Ginny Day! :)

GAME TONIGHT! **It better be more fun than Saturday!** *lol* Hungry!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Today is a day for SONGS!

*You all know Elvis, Angel, Coconut and Lookey Likey; Semi-Angel, Lunch, Donkey, and Farrat. But do you recall???? The most famous ROCK player of all?... Spunky the best ROCK player, had a very bouncy ROCK (bouncy ROCK) and if you ever saw him, you would say he was wearing socks (like dead guy). All of the other players (players) used to laugh and say he was short (like shorty) They never let poor Spunky (Spunky) run around on the court (in basketball!) Then one foggy ROCK game, Coach came to say (in his underwear) "Spunky with your skills so great, won't you help us not be late?" Then all the players loved him (loved him) as they shouted out with glee (yippey) Spunky the best ROCK player, you'll go down in history (like Cardiff!)

"* 10 Little ROCK Players" 10 little ROCK players standing in a line, Spunky fell down and then there were 9. 9 little ROCK players practicing late, Donkey fell asleep and then there were 8. 8 little ROCK players dreamt they were in heaven, Semi-Angel flew away and then there were 7. 7 little ROCK players waiting for first picks, Dead Guy was picked first and then there were 6. 6 little ROCK players learning how to drive, Farrat received his permit and then there were 5. 5 little ROCK players running towards the door, Sparky ran in the hall and then there were 4. 4 little ROCK players trying to jump over Tree, Angel was successful and then there were 3. 3 little ROCK players all wearing blue shoes, Lookey-Likey took his off and then there were 2. 2 little ROCK players looked and saw a nun, Tree got scared and then there was 1. 1 little ROCK player noticed he was done, Brother just smiled and then there were none. 0 little ROCK players, that's it, there's no more. Oh look, there they are lying on the floor!~!*

*I am stuck on my notebook 'cause it has an evil hook! (sings to band-aid brand tune)*

"I have 2 nickels, I have 2 nickels, I have 2 nickels today, tay day! A boo-wang bee-biggle, do-wang dee-diggle. I have 2 nickels today, tay day!~!*

*Little Dead Guy Bunny, hoppin' thru the hallways, scoopin' up all the ROCKS and throwin' them at people!. . .*

*Rock is cool. Rock is played in our school. Rock is the best! When it comes to **our Rock** games don't be a pest! Rock players are the best!*

Okay, I'm done w/ the songs! They're ALL gonna be in my head now!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Powderpuff & All That Jazz...

WOW! What a night! First, we get out there, get a touchdown, and then a few more, then we switched offenses. Let's just say, that the second offense was good at not letting the defense get the the girl w/ the ball. GOOD! Then, our defense went out for the second time. GOOD! ...halftime... Now the third offensive switch was not so good. We would get the ball and go BACKWARD! WHY??? **no idea** Then our defensive linewomen were NOT pushing back, so they got like 3 touchdowns in a matter of about 7 minutes! Then, There were *substitutes* for the **good** players to go in. (If they were so good, how's come we went BACKWARDS w/ the ball???) Then, *THE BEAST* got into it w/ some Junior, and got herself kicked outta the game, but IT NEEDED TO HAPPEN! By that time, (3rd quarter) the score was 49-18, Juniors. And, YES, you guessed it, we did NOTHING to help ourselves do better in the last quarter of the game! Um, HELLO?!, but do the words, "OFFENSE SUCKS RIGHT NOW" mean anything to our QB? NO! B/c there was NO change in the O line the rest of the game, so YES, we lost! HORRIBLY! (& the sad part is, WE COULD'VE WON! BUT SOME PEOPLE DON'T BELIEVE IN LINE CHANGES! Especially changes that'll take away a fast person who's *playing* a guard to put in a REAL guard to block so we could MAYBE get somewhere?!) I THINK NOT!~!

Oh yeah, and we did it all for our coaches! WE LOVE YOU, Mr. Matt, Mr. Frioni, and Mr. DeCecco!~! THANKS FOR ALL THE FUN TIMES AND MEMORIES!~!

Btw, we organized a Sped Game @ my place, for anyone who was on the sidelines, but SHOULD'VE been playing, when they were REPLACED! (which was pretty much EVERYONE ON THE SIDELINES!) **Kick-off starts in my pool! Forget the cover, just open the pool back up!** *lol*

Oh, and I FINALLY met the famous *KEVIN*!~! (I a way. He said "hi!" to me.) Hungry, he seems really nice. (sorry, but this MUST be said!!...) He sorta resembles your brother. I just hope I can actually have a conversation w/ him someday to really know what he's like.


Monday, November 15, 2004

Another weekend in the life of Sheep

Well, after making all the funeral arrangements, and having the viewing at Lanigan's in Turtle Creek, the Catholic ceremony at a church down the street from there, and the burial The Turtle Creek Cemetary for Catholics w/ a 21-gun salute b/c he was a Marine; my weekend was pretty much shot! The salute is really what shocked everybody, b/c a gun was the last thing he heard before he died. The other unusual thing was that there was some guy at the viewing Friday nite, and Saturday, at the burial, taking pictures on a digital camera. He was only 3 people to the left of my Aunt Sharon (Eugene's mother), and 2 people in front of me; and NO ONE knew who he was! So we turned him into the Turtle Creek Police Dept so they could investigate. The good thing was the Marine Sargeant gave both my aunt Sharon & uncle Jim a flag to honor their son, and one to his ex-wife to keep for their daughter when she gets older to honor & remember her daddy.
Saturday was also significant for another reason, as well. It was my uncle Gene's birthday. He would've been 47. He, as well, was a Marine. He was murdered on August 2, 1980, by being stabbed 19 times in the chest in front of his Adamsburg trailer, where he and his wife Julie, had lived. Julie divorced my uncle only 6 days after he had died. She now has been married to some Hooke guy for awhile, and they have a daughter who is 2 yrs younger than me, and goes to my school! *lol* The funny thing about that is, she has no idea that we should be cousins, & she doesn't even know that her mom was married before her father! She doesn't talk to me, but she does know my name b/c she's friends w/ 1 of my childhood friends.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

What a Day!

**This all happenened YESTERDAY!** Wow! First, I remembered it was report card day; no big deal though, b/c I got good grades! ...Then, at about 5:45 a.m., my grandmother calls and says that cousin Eugene had died the night before! He died after a domestic dispute w/ his ex, and she ran down the street to a bar for help. When the police got there, he shot the one officer in the hip, and then in the stomach. The other police officers fired back, killing my cousin, Eugene Aeillo. The viewing is tonight from 7-9; tomorrow 2-4, and 7-9; and the funeral is Saturday morning @ 10 a.m. ... Then, I find out that my Powderpuff coach is suspended, and my be getting fired for "sexual harrasment". ... But when I got home from the Powderpuff scrimage against the Freshman @ 5 p.m., I found out that my brother had not only made Honor Roll for the first time, he had gotten accepted to Clarion University, in Clarion, Pa!

Monday, November 01, 2004

My Weekend!...

What a weekend!
On Saturday,I got up @ 5 a.m. & went to work @ McD's. Tiffany had an interview @ 11, and got hired, all b/c of me! (J/K!) *Congrats Tiff* Then, @ 2:30, I went home, took a 3 hour nap, got up, ate dinner, took a shower, & went the the Halloween Dance w/ Tricia. Who was I dressed up as, you say? I went as MYSELF! Afterwards, we went to DQ to see Ken-ra!, & got a Brownie Batter & M&M blizzards. Once I got home @ about 10:30, I set all my clocks back & went to bed @ 11:30.
On Sunday, i got up @ 4:30a.m., took a shower, & went to work, AGAIN, until 2:30 p.m.. Once I got home @ 2:45, I got a quick shower & got ready to go w/ Hungry to go see "SHARK TALE". "You dumb, dumb, dumby head!" *roflmao* **Coming in Summer of 2005: "Madagaskar!"** After Shark Tale, we went to Nin's, and Hungry got her own little trick-or-treat bag w/ a cookie!
Once all the kids' had come & gone(by 7 p.m.), I went to visit Ginny's family & my "neice" Penny(the dog)! She, of course had a mussel on. I knew that she missed me like crazy though, b/c no sooner did I walk through the door, then she pushed me back out again by jumping on me!
POWDERPUFF: Mondays & Wednesdays, after school, from 3-5! The game is November 24, 2004, approximately around 7:30 p.m., or later. COME SUPPORT THE NORWIN SENIOR POWDERPUFF TEAM! :eyepatch:

Friday, October 29, 2004

Guys are J-E-R-K-S!

J - Just don't understand them most of the time.
E - Every one of them think of us (girls) as sex toys at some point and time.
R - Really, NO GUY is perfect! (and I mean NO GUY!)
K - Kindly say to him, "I'm sorry, but I just don't get you! GOOD-BYE!"
S - Sorry is not the only thing you feel with a broken heart. (There's MUCH more to it than that!)

I was bored.

I guess I never realized exactly HOW bored I get sitting in the school library during studyhall, because my goal today was to just goof around online, but instead I created a blog for myself. :) I have no idea why I created this thing! (No, wait, I take that back.) B/C I JUST DID, OKAY!?! *lol* :eyepatch: