Wednesday, December 22, 2004


MEERY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! (I guess it should just be to "you guys", b/c you're the only ones to visit me!) *lol*

To my dearest Hungry/Gramma George/Smeever/Snow Pal #1: We have a rock game tomorrow night, WOOT! I can't wait to see what you got me, considering you **planned** it all out. I will see you tomorrow night; and be expecting you at 6:30, just so I know in my head that you won't get there until 6:45! *giggles* I'll also see you at the George & Schwab Party on the 30th! That's gonna be a blast! (Don't forget your yellow pillow, b/c I'M NOT SHARING MINE! *sticks out tongue!* J/K! And then there's New Years Eve! That's gonna be fun, I don't care if I'm on my own, I'll make fun for myself! *lol* Can't wait to make more memories for Elih!

To my dearest Zahira: I've known you for quite sometime now, and we've become great friends. I wish you, Alex, and both of your families the best over holidays. One of these days Hungry and I will take a picture of ourselves at a game, staring at an empty spot next to us, wishing you were there to enjoy all the fun. (As long as Hungry doesn't mind, of course.) *smiles* Have a great holiday season, hun!


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