Monday, March 21, 2005

The Ups and Downs of my near future

Okay, well I've been doing A LOT of thinking these past 2 weeks. First off, it's almost Prom time, and I WANNA GO! But b/c I'm starting to pack up all my stuff.(Not only am I going off to college in the fall, I also have to move everything that I DON'T take with me to either my grandparents or my mom's boyfriend's house - which is where she's moving to.) We have to sell our house because my mom and dad signed a paper saying that he didn't have to pay child support after we graduate high school or turn 18. (whichever happened first.) Unfortunately, we turned 18 last month, and graduate in June. So I have been, and am going to be doing a LOT more packing than everyone else I know. I mean, how many people do you actually know that have gone off to college, and have to come home in the for Christmas and the summer, but when they come home they don't have an actual HOME??? (I mean, I'll have a bed and a dresser at my gram's and mom's boyfriend's, but it's not my own room! - Fortunately I'll have my own room in my apartment up at college, but still, it's not really mine! I'm renting it! I wanna come home to MY OWN ROOM!) But I guess I'm just gonna have to face facts and wait at least 4 years (or until I have my own place) for that to happen. Well, I have to go now, but maybe I'll be back sometime soon.

Oh, and Hungry, I hope you're having fun in Florida without me! *sniffles*

Friday, March 18, 2005

BESS is down!!

*YES!* The school blocker is down today, so I can blog! Well, Hungry is now on her way to Disney today. *sniffles* Okay, Update from the February 5th post.
I got accepted into Clarion's Venango Campus as of Wednesday, March 16th. I have to get accepted as an Undecided major, and in the beginning of my 2nd year, I can get into the Nursing Program. I'M SO EXCITED!
If I don't get back anytime soon, then that means Bess is back. Then, it's all up to Hungry whenever she gets a chance to update for me. Luvs to all!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Hungry is Successful!!!

Guess who finally found the note? That's right, Hungry is here. Apparently I had the wrong s/n, but the note helped clear things up. :D For those of you who don't know, our school's internet system aka Bess has blocked Therefore, Sheep can't blog. I'm blogging from home right now. Hint: what I write in purple is Hungry's comments; what I write in red is Sheep's comments. Anyway, here's what happened a long time ago.

January 15 - I have been sick with bronchial-phneomonia and was only in school for half a day on Monday and a full day on Wednesday because I had an economics final and my graduation project after school. I was out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I also ended up in the hospital from Wed. evening through Friday morning. I'm feeling much better now though. (considering it's about 2 months later :P )

January 19 - This morning, one of my best friends from first grade (not Hungry)'s grandma died of a heart attack. I'm going to miss her lots because she not only was always around, she gave me my first Bible. RIP Gramma Heckert!!

February 5 - I went to Clarion University's Vanango Campus in Oil City, PA yesterday to take my pre-admissions exam for their school of nursing. I feel really confident that I did well on it. I also LOVED the campus! It was so beautiful! And, there's only 10 days til my 18th b-day!!

Yup, thats all for now. Maybe now since I finally got in she can update more can update more often ha ha