Monday, November 15, 2004

Another weekend in the life of Sheep

Well, after making all the funeral arrangements, and having the viewing at Lanigan's in Turtle Creek, the Catholic ceremony at a church down the street from there, and the burial The Turtle Creek Cemetary for Catholics w/ a 21-gun salute b/c he was a Marine; my weekend was pretty much shot! The salute is really what shocked everybody, b/c a gun was the last thing he heard before he died. The other unusual thing was that there was some guy at the viewing Friday nite, and Saturday, at the burial, taking pictures on a digital camera. He was only 3 people to the left of my Aunt Sharon (Eugene's mother), and 2 people in front of me; and NO ONE knew who he was! So we turned him into the Turtle Creek Police Dept so they could investigate. The good thing was the Marine Sargeant gave both my aunt Sharon & uncle Jim a flag to honor their son, and one to his ex-wife to keep for their daughter when she gets older to honor & remember her daddy.
Saturday was also significant for another reason, as well. It was my uncle Gene's birthday. He would've been 47. He, as well, was a Marine. He was murdered on August 2, 1980, by being stabbed 19 times in the chest in front of his Adamsburg trailer, where he and his wife Julie, had lived. Julie divorced my uncle only 6 days after he had died. She now has been married to some Hooke guy for awhile, and they have a daughter who is 2 yrs younger than me, and goes to my school! *lol* The funny thing about that is, she has no idea that we should be cousins, & she doesn't even know that her mom was married before her father! She doesn't talk to me, but she does know my name b/c she's friends w/ 1 of my childhood friends.

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