Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's About TIME!

This year was off to a fairly rough start. W/ being completely dicked over by McD's & then having to deal w/ my best friend going to Ireland for 4 mths. After alittle while of getting over all my obstacles, I started to smile again as I got on w/ my life. I have a WONDERFUL boyfriend who I've been w/ for almost a year now(May 11th), and I love dearly w/ all my heart & soul. I'm so glad I have him & all my great friends. W/o them I probably would've crashed & burned a week after my best friend left the country. It's now just alittle over a month until she comes back to the states from studying abroad & I can't wait! :-D

I'm just so glad that classes are going well for me; even though the work thing still isn't so great, but I'm still doing fine. Just waiting for the day that I'm able to look my mother in the face & say that 'I'm outta here!' w/ a ring on my finger so I can finally start my life w/ the love of my life. :-* As for my family & and friends; all is well, & I just can't wait to see my best friend again! :-)