Thursday, November 25, 2004

Powderpuff & All That Jazz...

WOW! What a night! First, we get out there, get a touchdown, and then a few more, then we switched offenses. Let's just say, that the second offense was good at not letting the defense get the the girl w/ the ball. GOOD! Then, our defense went out for the second time. GOOD! ...halftime... Now the third offensive switch was not so good. We would get the ball and go BACKWARD! WHY??? **no idea** Then our defensive linewomen were NOT pushing back, so they got like 3 touchdowns in a matter of about 7 minutes! Then, There were *substitutes* for the **good** players to go in. (If they were so good, how's come we went BACKWARDS w/ the ball???) Then, *THE BEAST* got into it w/ some Junior, and got herself kicked outta the game, but IT NEEDED TO HAPPEN! By that time, (3rd quarter) the score was 49-18, Juniors. And, YES, you guessed it, we did NOTHING to help ourselves do better in the last quarter of the game! Um, HELLO?!, but do the words, "OFFENSE SUCKS RIGHT NOW" mean anything to our QB? NO! B/c there was NO change in the O line the rest of the game, so YES, we lost! HORRIBLY! (& the sad part is, WE COULD'VE WON! BUT SOME PEOPLE DON'T BELIEVE IN LINE CHANGES! Especially changes that'll take away a fast person who's *playing* a guard to put in a REAL guard to block so we could MAYBE get somewhere?!) I THINK NOT!~!

Oh yeah, and we did it all for our coaches! WE LOVE YOU, Mr. Matt, Mr. Frioni, and Mr. DeCecco!~! THANKS FOR ALL THE FUN TIMES AND MEMORIES!~!

Btw, we organized a Sped Game @ my place, for anyone who was on the sidelines, but SHOULD'VE been playing, when they were REPLACED! (which was pretty much EVERYONE ON THE SIDELINES!) **Kick-off starts in my pool! Forget the cover, just open the pool back up!** *lol*

Oh, and I FINALLY met the famous *KEVIN*!~! (I a way. He said "hi!" to me.) Hungry, he seems really nice. (sorry, but this MUST be said!!...) He sorta resembles your brother. I just hope I can actually have a conversation w/ him someday to really know what he's like.



Zahira said...

Hi Sheep, HAPPY THANXSGIVING GIRL.Hope u and ur famil y are doing fine..U guys lost the game while i was reading i feel i was there, u know a lot about this game, i barely knwo of football, are u a player??U met Kevin??:)Yayyyy say hi to him and to Carla from me, eheheh ..LOVES

Carla said...

I know! The game sucked so bad! But I caught the ball and both of our names were on the intercom! :D Well technically you didn't actually meet Kevin; you just yelled hi at each other. LOL He may look like my brother but hell he sure doesn't act like him. He acts like a real gentleman (to me) and is very talkative. Someday we will hang out, all 3 of us.