Monday, September 05, 2005

WOW! What a crazy week!

Well, it all started when my roommates all moved in last Thursday. They decided to tell embarrassing stories about ppl from their high schools. (My mom was here for the night too.) So, they pranked this one girl, and almost ended up w/ harrasment charges by the mother who threatened to call the cops on them. CRAZY! Then, after apologizing for like an hour, everything was kool. Then, mom and I went to wal-mart to try and get an ethernet cable for me to get online. I didn't fit (computer is too old), so we went back and baught a card that needed installed in the tower. I did that, then worked for like 4 days trying to get online, but I couldn't. So, I gave up for alittle while, then I tried again today, and it worked! *YAY!* So, here I am! Online, and back in action! tty'all later!