Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Today is a day for SONGS!

*You all know Elvis, Angel, Coconut and Lookey Likey; Semi-Angel, Lunch, Donkey, and Farrat. But do you recall???? The most famous ROCK player of all?... Spunky the best ROCK player, had a very bouncy ROCK (bouncy ROCK) and if you ever saw him, you would say he was wearing socks (like dead guy). All of the other players (players) used to laugh and say he was short (like shorty) They never let poor Spunky (Spunky) run around on the court (in basketball!) Then one foggy ROCK game, Coach came to say (in his underwear) "Spunky with your skills so great, won't you help us not be late?" Then all the players loved him (loved him) as they shouted out with glee (yippey) Spunky the best ROCK player, you'll go down in history (like Cardiff!)

"* 10 Little ROCK Players" 10 little ROCK players standing in a line, Spunky fell down and then there were 9. 9 little ROCK players practicing late, Donkey fell asleep and then there were 8. 8 little ROCK players dreamt they were in heaven, Semi-Angel flew away and then there were 7. 7 little ROCK players waiting for first picks, Dead Guy was picked first and then there were 6. 6 little ROCK players learning how to drive, Farrat received his permit and then there were 5. 5 little ROCK players running towards the door, Sparky ran in the hall and then there were 4. 4 little ROCK players trying to jump over Tree, Angel was successful and then there were 3. 3 little ROCK players all wearing blue shoes, Lookey-Likey took his off and then there were 2. 2 little ROCK players looked and saw a nun, Tree got scared and then there was 1. 1 little ROCK player noticed he was done, Brother just smiled and then there were none. 0 little ROCK players, that's it, there's no more. Oh look, there they are lying on the floor!~!*

*I am stuck on my notebook 'cause it has an evil hook! (sings to band-aid brand tune)*

"I have 2 nickels, I have 2 nickels, I have 2 nickels today, tay day! A boo-wang bee-biggle, do-wang dee-diggle. I have 2 nickels today, tay day!~!*

*Little Dead Guy Bunny, hoppin' thru the hallways, scoopin' up all the ROCKS and throwin' them at people!. . .*

*Rock is cool. Rock is played in our school. Rock is the best! When it comes to **our Rock** games don't be a pest! Rock players are the best!*

Okay, I'm done w/ the songs! They're ALL gonna be in my head now!

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