Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hoping for a new beginning...

I got a new job @ Shadyside Hospital a few wks ago as a telephone operator. I like it SO MUCH better that the old job! ;) Every job has its drama & rough points, but for the most part taking this job was for the better. I took my pre-admissions exam last saturday to get into nursing school. Let's hope I get in. *crosses fingers*

The love life is a whole different story. It's been going pretty downhill for quite a few months now, I've just chose to ignore it. I've hit the end. I can't handle it anymore. There are days I wanna avoid him completely & say go the f*** away, & other days I sorta miss how it used to be. It was nice in the beginning. Cards, flowers, & just being so interested in how my day went. Now; it's like 'eh, w/e'. He'll listen, but there's next to no interest. :-\ There are several options that have arose to start a new beginning & be happy again. I just don't really know how to do it. I love this one, I really do. I just can't stand how he lives his life & doesn't care or have any intentions of changing how he does things. (Or should I say, things he doesn't do?) Job-wise I'm content, friends & family-wise I'm wonderful--I miss them all!; but love-wise I just don't seem happy anymore. There just seems to be no future there anymore. All I see is living next to a junk yard--which I don't want! I think it's about time for an upgrade in my life. Time for something/someone who isn't always gonna have me so worried about what's coming next. I'd rather just be wondering instead of worrying. O:-)