Sunday, October 23, 2005

What a GREAT half of a weekend! :-D

Well, Mark came up to visit me yesterday. It was just so nice to see him and spend some time w/ him! I never wanted it to end! :-( But I'm sure I'll see him again soon; or at least I hope so. I was just really bummed when it came time for him to leave.(It just made me realize that YES; we are quite some miles apart; but I just felt like he only lived just down the street! -Yeah; I wish! Then, I'd see him all the time.) But, I guess for now; I'll just deal w/ only seeing him. on adverage, about once a month; and just stick to the online/phone convo's everyday. :-) I just really have to look forward to next year when I transfer from here; and hopefully I'll see him more than once a month. *crosses fingers* ...Well, I'm gonna go watch some tv and attempt to get SOME sleep b/c I didn't sleep at all last nite(of course, would you if you were all alone?).

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