Monday, October 10, 2005

I think I found my *happy point* in life!

I do believe that I've finally found my *happy point* in life! ... It's only been about 3 weeks; but, we talk everyday/have so much in common/just laugh about everything/and he's so sweet! I actually went home this past weekend, not only to see my friends; but to meet him face-to-face! He's everything I expected, and MORE!

I know this is kinda nice to think about; but for me it's scary. My mom came w/ me to meet him; and by the time the nite was over, she was already talking about having him *meet the rest of the family*. (Yeah, thas sweet!, but I don't even know him as well as I'd like to yet; so I'm hoping she keeps her mouth shut, and just doesn't say too much about it yet.)

Yes, it's nice to know that there's finally someone out there that really cares about me! (I mean, I've gone thru some real retarded relationships in my days; and I'm just scared for this one.)
After all; we aren't that close in distance, and it just scares me sometimes b/c I don't know who he's w/, or what he's doing. (I mean, this could be JUST ANOTHER IDIOT RELATIONSHIP, w/ a cheater; but I really hope not! I really do like this one!) We get along so well; it's amazing!

I guess I'm just really confused right now; and have no idea what's gonna happen! I would hope that we can pursue this relationship, and just trust each other-knowing that when you wake up in the morning; you didn't get skrewed over and end up w/ YET ANOTHER broken heart. I'm just gonna cross my fingers, and hope this one works out for the best! :-)

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