Friday, March 11, 2005

Hungry is Successful!!!

Guess who finally found the note? That's right, Hungry is here. Apparently I had the wrong s/n, but the note helped clear things up. :D For those of you who don't know, our school's internet system aka Bess has blocked Therefore, Sheep can't blog. I'm blogging from home right now. Hint: what I write in purple is Hungry's comments; what I write in red is Sheep's comments. Anyway, here's what happened a long time ago.

January 15 - I have been sick with bronchial-phneomonia and was only in school for half a day on Monday and a full day on Wednesday because I had an economics final and my graduation project after school. I was out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I also ended up in the hospital from Wed. evening through Friday morning. I'm feeling much better now though. (considering it's about 2 months later :P )

January 19 - This morning, one of my best friends from first grade (not Hungry)'s grandma died of a heart attack. I'm going to miss her lots because she not only was always around, she gave me my first Bible. RIP Gramma Heckert!!

February 5 - I went to Clarion University's Vanango Campus in Oil City, PA yesterday to take my pre-admissions exam for their school of nursing. I feel really confident that I did well on it. I also LOVED the campus! It was so beautiful! And, there's only 10 days til my 18th b-day!!

Yup, thats all for now. Maybe now since I finally got in she can update more can update more often ha ha

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