Friday, April 08, 2005

What a Night!

Last afternoon/evening was really interesting! First, I did alittle homework, then ate dinner(Beef Stroganoff-YUM!), then cleaned & packed for about an hour and a half. Then, mom came home from work. We had a very interesting chat. About prom, finals, graduation, moving, college, and even my NON-EXISTANT love life! It was a bit crazy for awhile afterwards. I got upset for all the stupid crap she wanted to know, but didn't need to know, and then she got mad b/c I was mad, and we haven't talked since! Not a big deal though, she always forgets those kinds of things, so by tonight it should be okay again. The ONE thing that really set me off more than everything else was when she asked me why I've seemed so stressed out lately. I kinda had a fit, and explained that I have A LOT on my mind right now; between school, moving, and college coming up, I've just been going through a rough time inside my head, and I'm kinda driving myself crazy about all of it. I just need time to work it all out, and clear my head. So, I then decided, that even though today is friday, and I should have fun, I'm probably just gonna lock myself in my room for the evening, and scream my head off about everything thats been going on. Well, I'm gonna go now, and I'll talk ya all on monday.
^*Luv always, Me

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Smev said...

Hey George! whats up? your comments arent showing up on my site. :-( Oh well. i'll cya tomorrow in school, the country music awards are on!! ooo wee!!